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Kasisi Gallery:

As a follower of Christ I believe that I am called by God, shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be part of the community of praise, love, and service. I believe that God calls us, both individually and corporately, "to the place where our deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet" (Frederick Buechner).

My Christian theological convictions follow the Reformed tradition and are informed by the African philosophy of sharing and mutuality guided by the motto Mũndũ nĩ Andũ ("I am because we are").

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Kasisi Publications

Kasisi publications are mainly in Theology and Religion as well as theories of interpretation (Hermeneutics) with emphasis on postcolonial theory of interpretation and biblical studies.

I am also interested in Pluralism and Religion with an emphasis on Postcolonial identities, Globalization, multiculturalism and religious identity.

Other interests include research Methods in the study of Religious Texts and Postcolonial Identities; History of Biblical Interpretation and Translation in Africa: 19th century specialization with fields of Bible and Colonial Identities, Colonial constructions, representation and marginality as well as the location of culture in the colonial hermeneutics. To continue, click here Kasisi Publications


Kasisi Archives

One of our ultimate goals is to develop a Special Collections research center that will hold archives and manuscript collections. The goal is to get all of the unique resources for teaching, learning and research. The Collections will mainly focus on missionary archives, global missions, immigrant Christian communities, first generation African Christian Archives, modern collections, records of Christian education and youth movements. Other areas of interest will be to have a well-represented collections of Bible translation and local history. We hope the Special Collections will include papers and diaries of individuals and families, the records of different mission centers and organizations. The goal is to have microfiches and online archives collections of correspondence, diaries, minutes, financial records, legal documents, maps and plans, photographs, and printed materials. To continue, click here Kasisi Archives